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We take a personalised approach to understand what’s best for you. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or transition into retirement, we are with you every step of the way.

Dental Brokers Australia has relationships with many large private, corporate and individual dentists all with different plans of expansion. We also deal with dentists looking to acquire their first practice.

The financial performance of the business over the last 3 years, location, potential for growth, number of associates/clinicians, chairs and the plan for the principal into the future in valuing the business.

The normal process takes around 8-12 weeks. What can delay the deal is financial and legal advice. Due diligence and agreeing terms in the Contracts of Sale are important parts of the process which at times delay settlement.

If you sell to a corporate group they usually retain all staff. Selling to a dentist can at times have changes to staff.

We are dealing with multiple corporate/large privates and all qualified buyers. This ensures within the first 2-3 weeks, we have several offers for your review. We also have great knowledge of what terms to negotiate for post-settlement, this can have a dramatic effect in increasing the purchase price after the sale.

We do not advertise specific practices on our site. Most of our clients appreciate discretion, they do not wish for staff or the wider community to be aware of them selling their business.

There is always a transition period regardless of who you sell to. The corporate, minimal sized private companies generally welcome the Principal staying on past the agreed earn-out or settlement date.

Although a lot of our time, energy and expertise is ensuring you receive the best offer possible we manage the full life cycle of the transaction for you. This includes educating the purchaser if necessary on the process. Ensuring all due diligence is satisfied and addressing any issues that may arise. Given we are the brokers of the sale we are in a unique position to deal directly with the buyer, seller, accountants, lawyers and advisors to manage any problem that may arise and ensure a positive outcome for all involved.

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