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Is Now A Good Time To Sell Your Dental Practice?

The past two years have certainly been unpredictable and difficult times for practices, with tougher restrictions, changes to protocols, regulations, and how can we forget to mention these never-ending lockdowns. It may be hard to believe, but this actually makes it a great time to consider selling if you’re thinking of transitioning into retirement.

The reality is that things have changed and will only continue to change, so it may be time to hand your practice over to a younger dentist that is willing to take on all the challenges and time it takes to endure them. Associates are now looking for more stability, and buying their own practice allows them to be able to do this just like it may have done for you in the past.

Quality practices have always shown to be able to bounce back very well after difficult times. Without the ability to travel, we have noticed that people are looking after their health more and staying local, which is helping sustain essential services such as dentistry. Overall, we have noticed that dental practice financials have been well maintained and quite steady across the board when compared against other well-run practices, which reflects a solid patient base ultimately resulting in healthy appointment books upon return from lockdown.

If you think it’s time for you to consider your options, join our Practice Match Network as a seller below and we’ll be in touch to confidentially assist you in the right direction.

Time to sell your dental practice
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Looking To Buy Or Sell A Dental Practice?

The process is made so much easier with the expert advice and personalised approach from the experienced team here at Dental Brokers Australia.

At Dental Brokers Australia, we have been guiding dentists to successful careers for over twenty-five years. The value of a dentist’s practice is more important than ever, to their future financial security. When it comes to planning a secure financial future, the sale of their dental practice is the most important asset to fund a financially secure exit strategy.

At Dental Brokers Australia we understand your business is your life, so when it comes time to sell your dental practice, we know that this will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We offer a seamless process, whether you are looking to transition out of your dental practice now, or are in just the beginning stages of thinking about it –  we can advise you each step of the way.

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Our Process

With over 25 years of Dental Industry Experience, our personal approach ensures that it’s a perfect fit for a perfect transition.

We take pride in making sure your future is a success.

Industry Appraisal

At Dental Brokers Australia, we specialise in dental practice sales with experience in structured exit strategies. Even if you wish to continue working for future years, we can help ensure your transition process to settlement table is stress free. Our practice appraisals include review of financial information for the most recent years of operation, while taking into consideration current assets including dental equipment, fee schedule percentiles, cash flow analysis, on-site analysis and the demographics of the practice. 


With over 25 years of assisting Practice Managers and Practice Principals in its growth and profitability, when it comes time for a Principal to transition their dental practice, numerous decisions have to be addressed. Transitioning a dental practice will be one of the largest business decisions a dentist will have to go through.



Rachel Garel - Dental Brokers Australia

Another Ideal Fit for a Smooth Transition

Dental Broker Practice for sale in victoria

Martha Johnson selling to Jessica & Daniel Portulo – Heathmont Family Dentistry

“A big thank you to the team at Dental Brokers Australia for taking care of me and my patients by finding the perfect fit for the practice.

Rachel has such a vast network of dental professionals and industry experience to really understand what it takes to deliver the best service possible. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


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